Maui Jim SPorts Glasses

Maui Jim Sports Sunglasses are inspired by the city of Lahaina, Maui, which means “cruel sun”. These sports glasses were born to provide protection under the sun with their Polarized Plus 2 technology. Each Maui Jim is made with polarized lenses and glare elimination to achieve the most natural and best vision possible with a comfortable fit.

Starting @ $280
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Are you looking for a seamless ride? Eyewear Gallery has a variety of Maui Jim sports sunglasses to have a comfortable and light weight fit. Maui Jim offers many different styles and lens combinations to enhance your vision in any light conditions. Don’t let your vision slow down your ride for that special race or cruise you’ve been waiting for.


Tired of fighting the sun to get your big catch? Maui Jim is one of our fishing sports glasses recommendations. Maui Jim lenses are polarized and offer a variety of lens colors that will help you protect your eyes and eliminate glare in varying light conditions. You will be able to see while under the sun and into the water. The Eyewear Gallery staff will help you choose what Maui Jim combination will be best for you!


Do you have the right sports glasses that allow you to play on a sunny or cloudy day? Maui Jim provides a variety of lens combinations that allow you to have the contrast needed to see the greens on the course. Not only will these sports glasses enhance your vision on the course, but off the course, as well. The Eyewear Gallery staff will help you find the right combination to play your best game in prescription and non-prescription.

Hiking / Walking

Do you have sunglasses that can be used for work or play? Eyewear Gallery has a variety of Maui Jim sports sunglasses that will fit your lifestyle. Maui Jim has different styles and lens colors that will enhance your vision and protect your eyes while you’re taking a walk around the park or going out for a hike. These sports sunglasses are available in prescription or non-prescription to fulfill your visual needs.


Have you ever had to fight the sun while you’re out running a marathon or taking a nice jog? Don’t let the sun dictate where you need to run! Maui Jim sports sunglasses can be used at any time of the day to help reduce glare and provide sun protection. Maui Jim has many lenses with their Polarized 2 Plus technology combined with a frame that will stay on your face. Run the distance with Maui Jim sports glasses in prescription or non-prescription available at Eyewear Gallery.


Don’t let your vision affect your game! Eyewear Gallery has custom fit Maui Jim sports glasses for your indoor or outdoor tennis matches. With Maui Jim’s customized lens combinations these sports glasses will help enhance your performance and vision in any light conditions. Maui Jim sunglasses offer a variety of looks that can be used on and off the court!

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