Running Sunglasses

Run your best with prescription sunglasses

Go the distance with frames that stay on your face without slipping and lenses that are tailored to your running conditions.​ Eyewear Gallery specializes in custom fit sports sunglasses for runners so you can see the road & trails for both prescription and non prescription lenses. Different lens colors enhance your vision to get to that finish line in record time!

  • Polarized Lenses – Sport specific lens colors in Polarized lenses help you see more detail and more definition. This is achieved by optimizing the lenses for your specific environment
  • Mirror Coatings – Mirror coatings provide another layer of glare protection.  These are available in a variety of colors and are very helpful for the brightest sun environment
  • Non Glare Coatings – This coating is for the front and back sides of your lenses which helps reduce glare that can cause headaches and eye fatigue
  • High Impact UV blocking plastic lenses approved by the US military. for potential impact protection
  • Custom Lenses provide different levels of light contrast and UV blockage
  • UV blocking lenses– protect against skin cancer around your eyes for cloudy and sunny days all seasons of the year
  • Transitions Lenses – These lenses adjust in color from clear indoors to darker outdoors. They are temperature sensitive so they don’t work in all lighting or temperature conditions for your sport
Eyewear Gallery

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