You think you may want to wear contact lenses so you need to go to an eye doctor and have your eyes examined.  Contact lenses are great for someone’s peripheral vision.  They shouldn’t be worn in place of a glasses prescription or all of your waking hours but they are a great addition to glasses.  Some people just don’t like wearing glasses.  Contact lenses are a great vision correction option.

Many people wear contact lenses. Most everyone wears disposable contacts. Since contact lenses may cause eye infections, disposable contacts may help reduce eye infections because they are generally cleaner because they are changed often.  Daily wear disposable contacts are great for sports or the person who doesn’t like cleaning their contacts or doesn’t wear contacts very often.  It’s great both standard disposable contacts and daily wear disposable contacts are available for patients with astigmatism and even bifocal contacts.  Your eye doctor should make sure that he has checked your overall health and your eye health before determining if you are a good candidate to wear contacts.

In our office, when a contact lens patient is needing an exam, they usually want more contact lenses.  We find that life styling a patient is so important.  We find out what their vision needs are and what health histories there may exist for them or members of their families.  Health histories like diabetes may cause eye wounds and irritations to heal slowly.  This is one health example that precludes someone from wearing contacts usually.  So, some patients are not good candidates for contact lenses.

Who are good candidates for contact lenses?

  1. Patients with high prescription corrections
  2. Patients who don’t or can’t wear glasses for sports or physical activities
  3. Kids who play sports
  4. People who don’t like the way they look in glasses

Daily wear disposable contacts for people who don’t want to clean their contacts

What patients are not good candidates for contacts?

  1. Patients who sleep in their contacts
  2. People who do a lot of close work on digital screens or phones
  3. People with dry eyes
  4. Diabetics and other health related problems
  5. People who have frequent eye infections
  6. People who take alot of medications or certain medications
  7. Dry work environments or parts of the country
  8. People who expect the same clarity of vision that their glasses provide

Should you wear glasses if your wear contacts?

  1. Definitely,  because our eyes don’t breathe with contact lenses if they are worn too much.
  2. If you get an eye infection you need glasses so your eyes can heal.
  3. Digital devices may affect the health of your central vision if you only wear contacts because they don’t absorb the UV exposure
  4. Eyes work harder to focus when you wear contacts and may cause your vision prescription to get worse

Think about your eye health.  Make sure your eyes are examined yearly so you can tell your eye doctor how you function visually day to day.  Many people assume that unless they need more contacts or glasses they don’t need to have their eyes examined.  You should have your eyes examined yearly even if your contacts or glasses are working fine.  Visual health and prevention of macular disease from blue light from our electronic devices needs to be monitored in an eye exam by your eye doctor yearly.

Contact lenses are great vision correction but make sure your eye doctor approves.   Make sure if you wear contact lenses you should protect your eyes from damaging UV rays by wearing good polarized sunglasses.

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