Football Andre Hal’s loss of vision was diagnosed.  Lymphoma had affected his health and was immediately picked up by his vision loss.  This was his first symptom that something was wrong.

On June 8, the team announced the Texans safety had been diagnosed with the disease. On July 25 he was placed on the Non-Football Illness (NFI) list, and then moved to the Reserve/Non-Football Illness list on September 1.


Andre Hal had noticed blurred vision at practice in May 2018.  This prompted a doctor’s evaluation and the lymphoma diagnosis was determined.  He played safety on his team.  One of his teammates said he was a great leader.  O’Brien said Hal’s “very special” to him and pointed to the safety’s leadership.

“He’s been a leader for us, and just been an unbelievable guy,” O’Brien said. “”Dre never wavered in his belief that he would beat it. And he has.”  Hal, a 7th-round selection out of Vanderbilt in the 2014 NFL Draft, has nine career interceptions. He switched positions from cornerback to safety in 2015, and started 38 games there over the previous three seasons.

The team’s head trainer Geoff Kaplan said Hal attacked the lymphoma in both traditional and non-traditional medical ways, as he “did things ‘inside-the-box’ and ‘outside-the-box'” throughout his treatment.  When Adre knew of his life threatening illness, “He never wavered in his faith or his spirit,” Kaplan said.

This story supports the need for eye health safety and yearly eye exams.  Eye doctors examine eyes to see if there is a health condition that you might have or not know about that could be a life threatening illness.  Many times these illnesses first show up in loss of vision.  Andre Hal is a perfect example of this.  Our vision is our most important sense as gauged by all age groups interviewed.  Clarity of vision with or without glasses is not a good way to asses your vision or it’s future potential loss.  Glasses and contact lenses are only as good as your body health and eyes are healthy.

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