Eye health means protecting your eyes!  This video shows some amazing scenery.  Your ability to see is best served with maximum eye protection of your eyes.

UV rays may lead to serious health conditions including sunburn of the eyes, cataracts, macular degeneration and cancer.  Maui Jim has produced this video explaining this and shows you how their lenses block 100% of harmful UV rays.  Our office has written many times on the hazards of UV on facebook and in blogs.  I hope this message and prior ones we have written have helped people understand that their are differences between lenses that protect UV.  Many people pick up sunglasses from department stores or convenience stores that have UV stickers which don’t necessarily have full UV protection.

Skin Cancer

5-10% of all skin cancers occur around the eyes.  Full eye coverage sunglasses that wrap around are the most protective.  Maui Jim sunglasses have earned the Skin Cancer Foundaation Seal of Recommendation as an effective UV for your eyes and skin.

General Eye Comfort 

The sun’s brightness and glare interferes with comfortable vision and ability to see clearly can cause squinting and headaches.  Polarized sunglasses eliminate 99.9% of glare.  This reduces the impact of the sun’s brightness to relax your eyes.

Dark Adaption

Who would think that polarized lenses worn in the brightness would help you dark adapt in varying light conditions? Polarized lenses help your eyes light adapt when going from one extreme light condition to the next.

Blue Light Protection

Clear lenses and sunglasses should protect your eyes from harmful UV.  UV exposure to digital devices in and outdoors subjects us to internal eye damage.  Outdoors we are exposed to many levels and colors of UV light which can be absorbed by your lenses.  Blue color are clearer but blue light is shielded.  Schedule an appointment to have your eyes examined and learn about sunglass lens protection all year round.

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