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Lenses are such an important part of your ability to see with your glasses!  All lenses are not the same in quality and clarity.  Our Eyewear Stylists determine what lenses will work best for comfort, clarity and safety in any frame that you choose.  Our onsite lab and master optician studies what lens will work best for your visual lifestyle for work or play.

Blue Light Blocking Lenses

  • Filters out harmful blue light on phones or any electronic devices
  • Helps protect against macular degeneration
  • Prevents digital eye strain
  • Dry Eye relief and improved sleep pattern
  • Prevents CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome)

Eyezen Digital Device Lenses for kids and young adults

  • Digitally processed custom lenses
  • Enhances clarity on phones, tablets and computers
  • Built in Blue Light Protection
  • Prevents CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) and digital eye strain


  • Customized Progressive (no line bifocal) Lenses for different work environments
  • Available for many occupations
  • Wider field of view
  • Reduces neck problems for progressive wearers


  • CR-39
    • Standard Plastic
    • Recommended for low prescriptions
  • Polycarbonate
    • Thin
    • Recommended for mild to high prescriptions
    • Most impact resistant (recommended for kids)
    • Built in UV protection
  • High index
    • Thinnest
    • Recommended for higher prescriptions
    • Built in UV protection


These no line bifocals allow you to see while driving, reading or working on the computer. All progressive lenses should be individually custom fitted. We provide Varilux, Shamir and Essilor brand lenses.

Custom Progressive (Recommended)

  • These are individually custom fitted
  • Available in thin lens options
  • Widest field of vision for clear vision

Standard Progressive

  • Assumed to fit all
  • Available in thin lens options



  • Reduces glare to prevent headaches and eye fatigue
  • Superior glare, scratch, and smudge protection
  • Optimal for night driving and computers
  • UV protection
  • Helps prevent lenses from fogging


  • Helps prevent lenses from fogging
  • Temperature Changes
  • Hot beverages like coffee
  • Great for working out
  • Cooking


  • Light Adaptive Lenses from indoors to outdoors
  • Blocks 100% UVA & UVB for any prescription
  • Suitable for all ages including children
  • Transitions 7 – Everyday. Clear indoors
  • Transitions Xtra Active – Some tint indoors & in car
  • Transitions Vantage Polarized – Some tint indoors & in car. Polarized outdoors

Smart Mirror Technology

By using the Smart Mirror Technology we are able to take precise measurements to design lenses for your clearest vision. It also helps you choose your glasses by showing pictures side by side for comparison.


Did you know 80% of what kids learn in school is visual? It is essential for your kids to have the right visual tools for them to focus on learning. We know how important it is for your children’s future to protect their vision and eye health. We want to make the transition into glasses as easy as possible for you and your kids, which is why we offer special packages and warranties to protect your kids and their vision at school or play.

  • Eyezen Lenses
    • Reduces eye strain on digital devices and reading
  • Blue light protection for electronic devices
  • Bifocal
    • Helps prevent kids’ vision from getting worse
  • Lenses to help with studying
  • Transitions
    • Protect and help with indoor and outdoor vision
  • Sports safety lenses
    • To protect eyes from any impact
  • Easy to clean lenses
  • UV protection
  • Crizal Kid’s Anti-Glare
    • Reduces bright reflections and glare
    • Scratch resistance
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