Xperio UV Polarized

Polarized Eyewear for all Sports and Outdoor enjoyment!

Polarized lenses are deemed most appropriate for outdoors because they provide better contrast.  You need to know the different types of lighting conditions that you will encounter in your outdoor activity.

  • Maximum UV Protection E-SPF 50+
  • Sharpest Vision and Clarity. Eliminates blinding glare
  • Impact resistant
  • Maximum Durability

Crizal No Glare Coating

This coating is great for reducing the glare on your sunglasses that can reduce headaches and eye fatigue. You’ll be able to see what’s most important in front of you.

  • Superior glare, scratch and smudge protection
  • Reduces back side reflections
  • Improves overall lens clarity

UV protection & skin cancer

  • UV blockage / Skin Cancer are also an issue so these lenses help prevent skin cancer around your eyes.  UV protection should be in your lenses in your glasses and sunglasses.
  • UV blocking plastics –  On cloudy and sunny days all seasons of the year harmful UV light can lead to cataracts and macular degeneration.
  • Pickup sunglasses with UV stickers claiming protection for your eyes may not be protective

Mirror Coatings

Mirror coatings provide another layer of glare protection.  These are available in a variety of colors and are very helpful for the brightest sun environment.

  • Adds greater protection from the sun
  • Available in a variety of fashion colors

High Impact Lenses

  • High Impact UV blocking plastic lenses.
  • Maximum Eye Safety / Protection
  • Great for impact sports and shooting ranges


Transition Lenses adjust in color from clear indoors to darker outdoors.

  • Transitions 7 – clear indoors to dark outdoors
  • Transitions Xtra Active – slight tint indoors to dark outdoors
  • Transitions Vantage Polarized – slight tint indoors to dark outdoors

Protect Your Eyes

Imagine yourself in these situations without a good pair of sunglasses.

  • Walking the dog
  • Working in the yard
  • Driving
  • Enjoying the beach
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