Mission Impossible’s contact lens camera!

Mission Impossible’s contact lens camera!

Mission Impossible’s contact lens camera!

The newest of 6 series of Mission Impossible movies starrs Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin is a race against time.  In the movie it features futuristic situations.  Contact Lenses come in all colors and types.  Who would think we find out about new technology in a movie.  The movie features contact lenses that allow the user to take pictures of what he’s looking at by blinking, then wirelessly transmit them to a computer. With a new patent assigned to the University of Washington, such futuristic features are becoming a reality in the present.

Google has invented a new smart contact lens with an integrated camera. The camera is very small and is inserted at the edge of the contact lens so that it doesn’t obscure your vision. By virtue of being part of the contact lens, the camera would naturally follow your gaze, allowing for a huge range of  applications, from the basis of a bionic eye system for blind and visually impaired people, including to early warning systems for diabetes.  The camera also allows the person wearing it to spot hazards, facial recognition, and superhuman powers (telescopic and infrared/night vision) which is unbeievable.

This new smart contact lens would have a tiny CMOS camera sensor just below your pupil, control circuit, and some method of receiving power wirelessly (more on that later). Because an imaging sensor, by definition, has to absorb light, it wouldn’t be transparent, but it could probably be color matched to your iris, so that your eyes don’t look freaky.

It is comprised of a micro-scale electronic components positioned directly on the surface of the contact lens.  This active contact lens system functions by enabling real-time information display.

Potential applications considered would be used in gaming, virtual reality, and military uses. This could change the game of the casinos and war!  These components may measure temperature, heart rate, pressure, etc. and send the information to the lenses’ base station via radio signal to allow for real time monitoring of the user’s vitals!  We like to help our readers keep up with the lates information.  Schedule An Appointment!

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Your TV habits might be killing you!?

Your TV habits might be killing you!?

Your TV habits might be killing you! As you get comfy on your sofa, you might want to consider this: Your TV habit might be killing you. A growing body of evidence links not just sitting in general, but TV viewing in particular with all sorts of health problems. Those include obesity, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and, yes, premature death.  This applies to all ages even our kids.

  • Studies show that for each two-hour increase in daily TV viewing was associated with a 20% increased risk of Type 2 diabetes, a 13% increased risk of cardiovascular disease.  About 2.8M deaths each year in the USA are attributed to the eating and inactivity while watching TV.  Hypertensive and Diabetic patients who aren’t active and when they settle down to watch TV this greatly increases reduction of blood cirulation.  This is what is attributed to death.
  • TV watchers, unlike people who like to read, “get bombarded with junk-food commercials and soft drinks,” Dr. Hu says from Harvard University.  It’s a fact that people who watch a lot of TV eat more junk food, drink more soda and consume more calories.
  • According to Nielsen TV ratings, even with the growth of smartphones, tablets, online video and other alternative distractions;  adults on average spend more than five hours a day watching TV.  Nielson and other sources agree that adults over 50 watch far more than younger adults.
  • It’s still important to aim for 150 minutes a week or more of moderate to vigorous activity, such as brisk walking or running – guidelines that are backed by strong evidence scientifically.

To this I say:  ” Challenge Yourself!”

  • Try a week without TV and see how it affects the way you feel and what you do with your time.
  • If a week seems impossible, start by lowering your TV time by half an hour a day.
  • Stand up, run in place or wander around the house during commercials.
  • Ban eating in front of the TV.  You may be less likely to eat mindlessly if you do it elsewhere.
  • TV may be killing you!

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Why Should You Read This?!  Cheap Sunglasses may not have enough UV protection!

Why Should You Read This?!  Cheap Sunglasses may not have enough UV protection!

Cheap sunglasses may not have enough UV protection!  Glasses: Buyer Beware:  Here is the FIFTH  post of the 10 days and 10 reasons to explain what you should know to be careful about purchasing cheap sunglasses.

Reasons to avoid cheap glasses

Cheap sunglasses can do more harm than good.

Cheap sunglasses sometimes look nearly identical to premium quality sunglasses. They can even seem to provide equal performance in bright sunlight. But they also can be doing more harm than good.  Lens color and darkness are not indicators of how well your sunglasses protect your eyes from UV. The only way to know for sure is to ask your eye care professional.

The level of protection sunglasses provide to shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful  ultraviolet (UV) rays  has nothing to do with the color or darkness of the lenses. It’s almost impossible for you to feel how well your eyes are being protected from these damaging rays while you’re wearing the sunglasses.  So it’s possible for two different pairs of sunglasses to look (and even feel) the same, but one is providing a much better level of eye protection than the other.  Cheap sunglasses — even those labeled “polarized” and “100% UV protection,” often allow harmful violet (“near-UV”) and blue light to penetrate the eye and potentially cause damage to your straight on vision.  This can cause you to outlive your vision because of the risk of macular degeneration.  This can affect all ages.

Your eye care professional can explain which trusted brands of sunglass lenses offer the best protection from harmful rays and the preferred visible light transmittance for your outdoor activities and visual needs.

We all have a budget limit.  We all want to know what we are paying for.  We don’t know the differences until we do our homework.  We will help you with the  homework and show and explain the differences in sunglasses when you come in.  Schedule an Appointment and have your eyes examined by our doctors.  www.EyewearGallery   Dr. Warren Johnson / Dr. Do Nguyen

Budget-Stretching Tips When Buying Glasses

So what can you do if you or your family members need glasses and you want the best value possible?

Here are a few tips to help you stretch your budget and get all the benefits of high quality eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses:

  • Take advantage of your vision insurance benefits. Many people fail to use the vision insurance plans (such as VSP and EyeMed) that they are enrolled in as part of their benefits package at work. These plans essentially work like a gift card program — just show your card and you get significant discounts on eye care and quality eyewear. Your HR representative at work can help you locate a participating eye care provider.
  • Ask about bundles. Many optical stores provide a discount on premium eyewear products such as anti-reflective coating, photochromic lenses and progressive lenses if you purchase them as part of a bundled package. Ask your optician for details.
  • Know the terms and conditions of warranties. Premium eyewear can be a better value than cheap glasses if it comes with a warranty against lens scratches and frame materials and workmanship. Warranties are particularly valuable if you work or live in a harsh environment and for children’s eyeglasses. Ask your optician to explain the terms and conditions of warranties included with your eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Also, ask your eye care professional about possible discounts for multiple purchases, special promotions on specific frames and lenses, and financing plans for eyewear purchases to make quality eyewear more affordable.

The 2018 Winter Olympics are here with Computerized Ski Goggles!

The 2018 Winter Olympics are here with Computerized Ski Goggles!

Oakley ski goggles

The 2018 Winter Olympics are here with computerized ski goggles! 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like skiing downhill while monitoring your speed, altitude, music, messages, among other things?  Custom Ski Goggles such as the Oakley Airwave have been developed and  offer a crisp high definition digital screen that is equivalent to viewing a 14 inch HDTV screen from 5 feet away. The digital screen is positioned so that the peripheral vision of the user is not affected.

Custom Ski Goggles at Eyewear Gallery in Memphis,TN offer interchangeable lenses that allow the wearer to adapt to changing conditions on the slopes, from bright sunny days to overcast conditions. The custom lens contrast options available include Fire Iridium, Grey, Black Iridium, and an exclusive Oakley VR50 Pink lens for dawn, dusk and night skiing. The goggles are made from exclusive O Matter material and are known to offer a firm, comfortable fit for all day wear and a durable design to withstand even the harshest conditions on the mountain.

The Computerized Ski Goggles track and report a variety of metrics including speed, vertical jump analytics, temperature conditions, music, navigation, Bluetooth connectivity to a iPhone, and a full social media experience.

The speedometer tracks the skier or snowboarders’ speed and altitude while racing down the mountain. Jumps and other vertical moves are tracked and analyzed to allow the athlete to track progress while training. A music suite can be paired with the Goggles to offer surround sound entertainment with the ability to change between songs and adjust volume. Bluetooth connectivity can pair the Custom Goggles to a smartphone such as an iPhone, to allow incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages, and other alerts.

We don’t think that music will be something the athletes are listening to in their competitive stretches. After their performances they may crank up the volume and test out all of the technology that the Oakley Airwave goggles offer. The Oakley Airwave also includes an exclusive app that can be downloaded to instantly share performance and other information via Facebook, Twitter and status updates to other friends and members of the users group.

To learn more about Oakley Airwave Custom Ski Goggles , schedule an appointment at Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, TN 38117.  The new midtown or Memphis.  Call 901-763-2020.

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