Don’t pee in the pool!

Don’t pee in the pool!

Don’t pee in the pool.  We tell our kids not to pee in the pool.  “Have you ever peed in the pool?”  We all reluctantly would admit to it at some point in our life.  As funny as it sounds, did you know you can get pink eye.   What is pee?  It is urine.  What most people don’t realize is that urine can cause pink eye.  It may also cause pink eye for people swimming in a pool that has been urinated in.  You aren’t safe to relieve yourself in a pool, lake or ocean either.   You shouldn’t swim if you are sick or have any open wounds. Take a shower and a bathroom break first.  However, don’t avoid the fun!  The rest of this hot summer will also expose you to pink eye for various reasons.

What is pink eye?  The typical type is from bacteria.  You find bacteria in the pool and from sweating.  People who have a cold or are around someone sick may contract pink eye; especially if they touch anything that a person who is sick or has pink eye has come in contact with.  This might be a door knob or any sufrace that someone with pink eye has touched.  Pink eye may also be caused from allergies or viurses or fungal infections.  All are potentially sight threatening if not treated.  If you notice yellow stuff or crusty eyelids then you probably have the bacterial type of pink eye which is the most common.  The point is not all types of pink eye are the same and need attention by your eye doctor immediately to prescribe the type of medication to treat your type of pink eye.

Remember even though you’re there for fun, you are potentially sharing body fluids with eyeryone in the water.  To prevent eye infections, I recommend swim goggles or never open your eyes underwater.  I highly recommend that you wear swimming goggles for adults and kids. Obviously, remove contact lenses before swimming.  Swimming goggles are custom made by our office in your prescription which will be determined in your eye exam.  This will help avoid needless forms of pink eye.

See your eye doctor if your eyes stay red and produce any discharge or are painful after your fun in the water!  Schedule an Appointment!

Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen

The 2018 Winter Olympics are here with Computerized Ski Goggles!

The 2018 Winter Olympics are here with Computerized Ski Goggles!

Oakley ski goggles

The 2018 Winter Olympics are here with computerized ski goggles! 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like skiing downhill while monitoring your speed, altitude, music, messages, among other things?  Custom Ski Goggles such as the Oakley Airwave have been developed and  offer a crisp high definition digital screen that is equivalent to viewing a 14 inch HDTV screen from 5 feet away. The digital screen is positioned so that the peripheral vision of the user is not affected.

Custom Ski Goggles at Eyewear Gallery in Memphis,TN offer interchangeable lenses that allow the wearer to adapt to changing conditions on the slopes, from bright sunny days to overcast conditions. The custom lens contrast options available include Fire Iridium, Grey, Black Iridium, and an exclusive Oakley VR50 Pink lens for dawn, dusk and night skiing. The goggles are made from exclusive O Matter material and are known to offer a firm, comfortable fit for all day wear and a durable design to withstand even the harshest conditions on the mountain.

The Computerized Ski Goggles track and report a variety of metrics including speed, vertical jump analytics, temperature conditions, music, navigation, Bluetooth connectivity to a iPhone, and a full social media experience.

The speedometer tracks the skier or snowboarders’ speed and altitude while racing down the mountain. Jumps and other vertical moves are tracked and analyzed to allow the athlete to track progress while training. A music suite can be paired with the Goggles to offer surround sound entertainment with the ability to change between songs and adjust volume. Bluetooth connectivity can pair the Custom Goggles to a smartphone such as an iPhone, to allow incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages, and other alerts.

We don’t think that music will be something the athletes are listening to in their competitive stretches. After their performances they may crank up the volume and test out all of the technology that the Oakley Airwave goggles offer. The Oakley Airwave also includes an exclusive app that can be downloaded to instantly share performance and other information via Facebook, Twitter and status updates to other friends and members of the users group.

To learn more about Oakley Airwave Custom Ski Goggles , schedule an appointment at Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, TN 38117.  The new midtown or Memphis.  Call 901-763-2020.

Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen


Eyewear Gallery sponsors the Memphis Hightailers biking community!

Eyewear Gallery sponsors the Memphis Hightailers biking community!

Eyewear Gallery sponsors the Memphis Hightailers.  With the advent of the Memphis Greenline, cycling has become more and more popular in Memphis.  The Memphis Hightailers are the coordinating group in Memphis for established cyclists and newcomers to cycling.

Eyewear Gallery sponsors the Memphis Hightailers for several reasons.  I myself, Warren Johnson, decided about 7 years ago that I always loved the outdoors and comraderie with other people exercising.  I thought about the fun I had had on my bikes all my life, whether it was a means to get around, for the fun of it and many times my major mode of transportation.  Biking helped me earn money as a teen when I had a paper route and sold cokes at the Liberty Bowl.  Biking found me again some years later.  I found out about group riding.  I rode in groups for a while before I made up my mind to become a Hightailers member.  I discovered that most of the rides I was enjoying were spearheaded by Hightailers members. Comraderie exists in many sports but I found the fresh air and the camaraderie of a very friendly group of people when I started riding with the Hightailers for my biking exploits.  I learned bike skills from people who taught me safety signs and helped me change many a tire.  Biking and the groups of people I met clicked with me.  I started riding in big event rides that were many miles and my new challenge.  I found many unselfish bikers would donate their time to volunteer at SAG stops and encourage the riders to finish the long distance rides.

The Hightailers are very much concerned with expanding biking to all ages and levels of ability so everyone can participate in rides with other people who have the same level of skill.  The Memphis Hightailers website is kept up to date and informs you of the numerous rides for many group rides and sweeper leaders who make sure everyone is safe and nobody is left behind.

After about 3 years, myself and my office Eyewear Gallery decided to sponsor the Memphis Hightailers.  You can ride on your own but I found it much safer and more fun riding in a group.  They support our local community with all of their rides.  This supports a stronger city and something to rally around.  The website of the Hightailers constantly keeps you informed of bike group rides all week and bike news constantly.

If you ride a bike now, become a member of the Memphis Hightailers and support our biking community.  It just keeps growing with newcomers to the city and native Memphians.


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