Tom Ford Glasses and Sunglasses

Tom Ford Glasses and Sunglasses

Tom Ford Glasses and Sunglasses!  We all know Tom Ford to be a huge name in the fashion and fragrance world.  His name on glasses and sunglasses is associated with distinction for anyone seeing wearing them with the signature letter T on the temples of the glasses.  Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee is proud to carry a large selection of Tom Ford eyewear.  Eyewear Gallery is known for having exclusive eyewear and it’s unsurpassed service in regards to our opticians and our Medical Optometrists.  For over 30 years has been the premier optical and eye care offering for both Medical Eyecare and Designer Eyewear. Tom Ford is one of the designers that exudes character and designer distinction.   As you see in the video on our website, each pair of glasses and sunglasses is hand picked for our store.

If you are interested in Tom Ford’s background.  Tom Ford started his career in the fashion industry having at first studied architecture.  He attended school in New York City and did some acting in Los Angeles.  He studied design in Paris and came back to the US and distinguished himself as fashion designer for Gucci.

He left Gucci and started his own company.  Tom Ford brands of fragrances, clothing and eyewear are all to his credit.  Tom Ford eyewear and sunglasses brand has since gone on from strength to stronger, and is one of the most popular eyewear brands at present in the U.S. and abroad.

Schedule an appointment to have a personal assistant provide a consultation or makeover so they can determine which Tom Ford pair of glasses and sunglasses that suit your face shape and personal style.  Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen

Does Angelina Jolie wear Tom Ford Sunglasses?

Does Angelina Jolie wear Tom Ford Sunglasses?

Does Angelina Jolie wear Tom Ford Sunglasses?

Does Angelina Jolie wear Tom Ford sunglasses. These glasses sustain the luxury and quality of one of the most highly respected designers. Tom Ford is known for his innovative and distinct designs.  All Tom Ford eyewear are trademarked by the classic T design on each hinge. 

Angelina is a huge fan of Tom Ford Sunglasses and is often seen wearing them throughout Hollywood.   Angelina Jolie is an American Actress and Director who has received numerous Golden Globe Awards.

Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee features Tom Ford Glasses and Tom Ford Sunglasses.  Tom Ford, an American Fashion Designer and film director gained international fame for his turnaround of Gucci.  Tom Ford has received international acclaim for his modern eyewear.  He has been recognized and awarded by many magazines including the Time Magazine award for Best Fashion Designer and Designer of the Year by GQ Magazine.

Movie stars, actors, and athletes are commonly seen wearing Tom Ford Glasses. Eyewear Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee has a large selection of Tom Ford Sunglasses and Glasses that are available in your prescription.

Come in and see our latest shipment of Tom Ford Sunglasses and Glasses   We will ship anywhere and charge no sales tax.  Schedule An Appointment! 901-763-2020.

Dr. Warren Johnson | Dr. Do Nguyen

Why Should You Read This?!  10 Days 10 Reasons about Cheap Sunglasses!

Why Should You Read This?! 10 Days 10 Reasons about Cheap Sunglasses!

Cheap Sunglasses and YOU!  YOU should read this because this because you need to know what to look for when you get your sunglasses.

Glasses: Buyer Beware:  Here is the SECOND  post of the 10 days and 10 reasons to explain what you should know to be careful about purchasing cheap sunglasses.

Reasons to avoid cheap glasses

Beware of claims of “same top quality” as more expensive sunglasses.  Sellers of cheap eyeglasses and cheap sunglasses are quick to claim they are providing glasses of the “same top quality” as eyewear you purchase from your local eye care professional.

But how do they determine that?

The fact is, there are significant differences in the scratch resistance of different lenses and lens coatings, different levels of vision clarity and ther performance among different lens materials and brands.  There are also alot of different levels of comfort and durability among different frames, even among frames with the same brand name.

Also, many online retailers who sell cheap prescription glasses fabricate the lenses in their own optical labs rather than using an industry recognized lens laboratory that specializes in providing this service to eye care professionals. Using non approved labs by the optical industry by a company might help you get your cheap glasses quicker than eyewear purchased in an optical store, in some cases quality of the finished product may suffer.

We all have a budget limit.  We all want to know what we are paying for.  We don’t know the differences until we do our homework.  We will help you with the  homework and show and explain the differences in sunglasses when you come in.  Schedule an Appointment and have your eyes examined by our doctors.  www.EyewearGallery   Dr. Warren Johnson / Dr. Do Nguyen

Budget-Stretching Tips When Buying Glasses

So what can you do if you or your family members need glasses and you want the best value possible?

Here are a few tips to help you stretch your budget and get all the benefits of high quality eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses:

  • Take advantage of your vision insurance benefits. Many people fail to use the vision insurance plans (such as VSP and EyeMed) that they are enrolled in as part of their benefits package at work. These plans essentially work like a gift card program — just show your card and you get significant discounts on eye care and quality eyewear. Your HR representative at work can help you locate a participating eye care provider.
  • Ask about bundles. Many optical stores provide a discount on premium eyewear products such as anti-reflective coating, photochromic lenses and progressive lenses if you purchase them as part of a bundled package. Ask your optician for details.
  • Know the terms and conditions of warranties. Premium eyewear can be a better value than cheap glasses if it comes with a warranty against lens scratches and frame materials and workmanship. Warranties are particularly valuable if you work or live in a harsh environment and for children’s eyeglasses. Ask your optician to explain the terms and conditions of warranties included with your eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Also, ask your eye care professional about possible discounts for multiple purchases, special promotions on specific frames and lenses, and financing plans for eyewear purchases to make quality eyewear more affordable.

Oliver Peoples Glasses are handmade!

Oliver Peoples Glasses are handmade!

Oliver Peoples Glasses are handmade!  This video let’s you see the manufacturing processes that take place to ensure that each hand made piece of Oliver Peoples eyewear is perfectly crafted.  The styling is matched to your personal tastes for work or play.  

Oliver Peoples eyewear are American handmade glasses offering a combination of vintage designs and modern styling.  Oliver Peoples glasses and sunglasses are known as exclusive and distinctive glasses to many people.  As the video shows, they are handmade and are an accessory to your clothing.  The name Oliver Peoples glasses are known as quality eyewear in the world of fashion.  Oliver Peoples glasses are top quality eyewear.  Oliver Peoples glasses combine retro fashion and modern styling.  The designs began as the inspiration of two Los Angeles opticians, Larry Leight and Kenny Schwartz.  These 2 men went to estate sales and found old glasses from the turn of the century.  They decided to make frames that looked like vintage glasses they were finding at estate sales.  The designs were made of top quality materials including quality acetates and hypoallergenic metals that were durable.  The metals were designed with modern styling and some of the metals were surgical stainless steel, titanium and palladium.  Each frame is handmade so no two of the same style are exactly alike.  This is the beauty of each being individually made.     Read this article about Oliver Peoples.

Oliver Peoples company hand picks the offices and boutique opticals that they feel best represent their eye wear and  sunglass collections. Eyewear Gallery in Memphis Tenn. is one of the desirable locations chosen by Oliver Peoples company to sell their unique glasses and sunglasses.  

Eyewear Gallery can ship any Oliver Peoples frame to you by calling 901-763-2020 or fill out the contact form on our website.  You may also schedule an appointment.  The quality of your eye exam is as important as the quality you choose in your glasses.  You may need your eyes examined first or you can schedule your Eyewear Makeover.  Dr. Warren Johnson/ Dr. Do Nguyen

Face Shapes determine which eyeglasses look best?

Face Shapes determine which eyeglasses look best?

Glasses are a fun and a cool accessory to your personality, style and clothing.  Not all glasses are suitable or complement a person’s face or personality. Glasses and sunglasses project your personality!  Many people assume they know what looks good but it might not be the best style for their facial features.  Some people are self conscious about wearing glasses.  That is why it is important to get the best shape and style for you.

Plastic frames are popular and come in many colors.  These frames may be chosen to hide the thickness of your lens prescription. Some glasses are made of metals that can cause face allergies.  It is best to know which metal frames may cause skin allergies.  Pick what you like and how it fits and feels on your face and nose.  Some glasses are more suitable for work and some are better for a more casual look.  If you have never thought about your face shape in relation to picking out the best frame for your appearance then look at the chart and video below..  

Don’t forget that glasses and  sunglasses need to be chosen for your face shape as well.  Sunglasses are fun and functional!  You may need a pair for sports or just hanging out but their shape needs to be correct and not too large or small for your face.     

We have a Style Me button on our website under shop online for glasses to help you determine the best look in metal and plastic glasses for different styles.  You can upload your photo.  There are four main face shapes.  It’s best to determine what is you face shape, with a makeover before choosing the right shape of glasses and sunglasses.  Eyewear Gallery has the best designer glasses and sunglasses, the best experts and the most current technology to help you see yourself in different styles of glasses.  So, schedule your makeover for a glasses styling makeover!

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