by Dr. Warren Johnson

Mission Impossible’s contact lens camera!

Mission Impossible's contact lens camera! The newest of 6 series of Mission Impossible movies starrs Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin is a race against time.  In the movie it features futuristic situations.  Contact Lenses come in all colors and types.  Who would think we...

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I want to wear contact lenses!

You think you may want to wear contact lenses so you need to go to an eye doctor and have your eyes examined.  Contact lenses are great for someone's peripheral vision.  They shouldn't be worn in place of a glasses prescription or all of your waking hours but they are...

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Don’t pee in the pool!

Don't pee in the pool.  We tell our kids not to pee in the pool.  "Have you ever peed in the pool?"  We all reluctantly would admit to it at some point in our life.  As funny as it sounds, did you know you can get pink eye.   What is pee?  It is urine.  What most...

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Your TV habits might be killing you!?

Your TV habit might be killing you. A growing body of evidence links not just sitting in general, but TV viewing in particular with all sorts of health problems. Those include obesity, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and, yes, premature death. This applies to all ages even our kids.

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Did you get sunglasses with a UV sticker on them?

Did you get sunglasses with a UV sticker on them?  Check this out!  Many people do have sunglasses which we call pickup sunglasses.  They are  usually are found in places like convenience stores, pharmacies and department stores.  People get them because they are...

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Why Should You Read This?! 10 Days 10 Reasons

Cheap Glasses: Buyer BewareHere is the first  post of the 10 days and 10 reasons to explain what you should know to be careful about purchasing cheap sunglasses. Frame durability is just one factor that separates cheap glasses from quality eyewear. Lens on the Right...

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Is there an Easter Bunny Near You?

Is there an Easter Bunny near You?  Treat yourself. Hey what the heck who doesn't want a candy basket from the Easter bunny!  We all have some kid in us or are still kids!  Besides delivering eggs, what have we all learned about what food the bunny likes to eat? ...

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Do You understand your Vision Insurance Discounts?

Do you understand your vision Insurance discounts?  More than 75% of people don't know what their vision insurance includes!  Most people know they have vision insurance and how often they can use their vision insurance. Don't give away some of your discount benefits...

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Are Contact Lenses Safe for your eyes?

  Are Contact lenses safe for your eyes?  Many of us love the freedom of Contact Lenses but are they safe for your eyes?  People like to wear contacts for their appearance and some patients  with high prescriptions like them for the peripheral vision that they...

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