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Oliver Peoples is top quality eyewear with vintage designs showing how retro fashion meets modern styling.  The designs began as the inspiration of two Los Angeles opticians, Larry Leight and Kenny Schwartz. They were fascinated with combining vintage classic designs with quality materials and modern details.   

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In 1986 after years of collecting and researching optical memorabilia, their dream was finally realized. The opticians were preparing to open a retail store in LA when they received an inquiry from a New York estate liquidator regarding the sale of antique eyewear from the estate of a man named Oliver Peoples. The samples forwarded were impressive: all 12 karat gold filled, each with exquisite detailing.  So they flew to Manhattan to review the estate. They discovered a collection of over 1500 unassembled vintage eyeglass frames and 3,000 sun clips as well as other antiquities including tools, lenses, and journals all belonging to Oliver Peoples, Esq. Inspired by the priceless items they had found, they revived the name of the collections’ original proprietor as a memorial to an era when ingenuity, design, and customer service were at their peak.


Oliver Peoples continues to focus its efforts into designing frames with the individual face in mind. They now sell in almost 50 countries and continue to show how retro meets modern through its eyewear design.

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