Watch this video to see how customized lenses can enhance your lifestyle with an unsurpassed level of our technological skills!


Lenses are such an important part of your ability to see.  All lenses are not the same or made the same.  Our master opticians find out what your vision requirements are for work and play.  This helps determine the best lenses for your prescription with the latest technology for high definition clarity, comfort, quality, protection and lens thickness.  Choosing your frame is the fun part but it must be a frame that works best with your prescription.  

Polarized Hiking Compare

Polarized Eyewear for all Sports and Outdoor enjoyment!

Polarized lenses are deemed most appropriate for outdoors because they provide better contrast.  You need to know the different types of lighting conditions that you will encounter in your outdoor activity.  Our IPad will be used to help you compare the differences in lens clarity and color and measure the glasses for accuracy on your face. 

There are some high contrast lenses that are not polarized that work well for pilots or those that cannot adjust to polarized sunglasses.  These lenses may work better when using your phone or seeing your odometer. 

Eyewear Gallery specializes in all types of sports eyewear and we will show you the lenses that have worked best for athletes.   

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Crizal Non Glare Lenses for Sunglasses

This coating is great for reducing the glare on your sunglasses that can reduce headaches and eye fatigue. You'll be able to see what's most important in front of you.

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Picture yourself in these situations that would protect your eyes with sunglasses!

  • Walking your dog
  • Driving
  • Working in the yard
  • Enjoying the beach
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Sun Lenses or Cloudy Day Lenses

Here are some additional features that you need to know about UV protection and skin cancers

  • UV blockage / Skin Cancer are also an issue so these lenses help prevent skin cancer around your eyes.  UV protection should be in your lenses in your glasses and sunglasses.
  • UV blocking plastics –  On cloudy and sunny days all seasons of the year harmful UV light can lead to cataracts and macular degeneration. 
  • Pickup sunglasses with UV stickers claiming protection for your eyes may not be protective
  • Non Glare Coatings – This coating is great for reducing the glare that can cause headaches and eye fatigue.  Also great for night time driving and computer related eye strain. Suitable for all ages including children.