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Eyewear Gallery supports the Sporting Community!

In 1995, Eyewear Gallery was the first optical in Memphis chosen by Oakley to provide prescription and non prescription sports glasses and sunglasses. Eyewear Gallery continues to this day to provide the latest advancements from all sports glasses vendors.  Locally we support and focus on all sports for all ages.  Locally, we support the Memphis Runners Track Club and the Memphis Hightailers Bike Club.​ Eyewear Gallery was Memphis’ first niche optical to promote safety and protection for sports vision.

Eyewear Gallery participates in education events about sports vision safety awareness for kids, tweens and adults .     

Cool Photo Nick Took Looking Through Sunglasses

What are the best sun lenses for your fun?

Sport specific lens colors help you see more detail, definition, accuracy and provide more safety because of the contrast they provide. Color selection and coatings in your prescription and without prescription enhances your visual involvement for your chosen sports activity.  

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You can also check out our wide variety of Brands that we have available.

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Dr. J and Nick support and ride with the Memphis Hightailers!