Watch this video to see how customized lenses can enhance your lifestyle with an unsurpassed level of our technological skills!



COMPUTER LENSES FOR ALL DIGITAL DEVICES are the latest technology in our digital world.  Accountants, surgeons, and people from many occupations that require use of their eyes more than 3 hours have greatly benefitted.  Blue light filtering lenses are also very important to reduce fatigue, glare and protection from causing macular degeneration.



Lenses are such an important part of your ability to see with your glasses.  All lenses are not the same in quality and clarity.  We examine your eyes and/or your prescription.  Our Eyewear Stylists determine what lenses will work best for comfort, clarity and safety in any frame that you choose.  In our onsite lab, our master optician studies the hundreds of lenses available that work best for your vision needs and prescription in the exact lens for your lifestye and fun. We then customize that lens with the best technology available. 


We recommend high definition quality, as well as comfort and thinness in your lenses.  Our onsite lab ensures the quality of your lenses.  The frame is then selected based on what lens will work the best for you and your prescription.  Choosing your frame is the fun part but it must be a frame that works best for your prescription.  

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High Definition and Blue Light Protective Lenses customized for Computers and Hand Held devices!

The latest technology in lenses that protect your eyes from harmful Blue Light.  We have prescription and non prescription custom lenses to enhance the clarity of your hand held digital devices such as smart phones, tablets and computers. These digitally cut lenses are great at reducing eye fatigue and allowing your eyes to feel more rested at the end of the day.

Crizal Compare Use This One

Crizal Non Glare Lenses

This coating is great for reducing the glare that can cause headaches and eye fatigue. You'll be able to see what's most important in front of you.

Anti Fog Lenses

Have your glasses ever fogged!

Temperature changes, the weather and that cup of coffee can fog your lenses.  Let us show you some options to help prevent that from happening to you!

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Transition Lenses

These lenses adjust in color from clear indoors to darker outdoors. They block 100% of UVA & UVB rays and will fit any prescription. Suitable for all ages including children. Available in Gray, Brown, and Graphite Green.

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Sports: What are the best lenses for your fun!

Sport specific lens colors help you see more detail and more definition. We call it safety and performance.  Color selection and coatings in your prescription and without prescription allow you to perform and enjoy your outdoor or sport activity at it's best. 

Eyewear Gallery specializes in all types of sports eyewear because we are sports enthusiasts and participate in many of these activities. 

Blue-Blocking Lenses

Blue-Blocking Lenses

Do you spend time on a smart phone or any electronic device? Your use of digital devices emits blue light. What is blue light? It is the color of light that is coming from all electronic devices as well as most over-head lighting at home or in your work place. Blue light is intense and constant exposure to it in or out of doors has shown to cause permanent damage to your eyes. A recent study by the Harvard review showed that in the next 18 years, 20 million people will lose their vision to macular degeneration because of this exposure.  Our office has the technology to provide blue light protection in your glasses!