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Eyewear Gallery wants you to feel as comfortable in your glasses as you do in your blue jeans! You may decide a casual look is for you for every day or it is another pair that you wear when you are in a casual mood.  

We will help you design a look for yourself for the pool, yard work, walking the dog, ballgame, hanging out, grilling out, chilling out!  Our staff will make you feel at ease and choose a frame that fits your style and personality.

It is important to know that you need the best lenses which protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays!  Yes, this means even your regular glasses. 

  • You may order any of our brand names we carry in our store and we will ship them to any city or country! 
  • We pay the sales tax for all your in-store purchases!  We want to take care of your vision needs.  Thank you for visiting our site!  
  • Gift certificates Available!
  • Schedule an Appointment online.


*We recycle your glasses and donate these to the underprivileged