The Eyewear Gallery Experience

Don’t outlive your vision. Keep your eye health examined yearly by your eye doctor.

Why do you need to get your eyes checked? 

Maybe it’s new glasses, sunglasses, sports glasses or contacts.  This is when and why most people get their eyes examined.  We emphasize a yearly eye exam.  This is because we want to help prevent early onset of any sight threatening problems that aren't noticeable to you.  We care about you and don’t want you to outlive your vision. You can always update glasses or contacts but you cannot replace your vision!

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The optometrists of the Eyewear Gallery would like to welcome you to visit our location if you need eye exams in Memphis, TN. We are located near poplar on Perkins Extd. We have been in practice for over 30 years.  The staff and doctors educate our patrons about eyecare and eyewear.  Your vision correction is only as good  as your eyes are healthy. The doctors provide over 20 tests and checks in your eye exam. 

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